Drinks have been carefully selected to match the taste of our cuisine. 
There are local sake including our original sake which you cannot buy elsewhere as well as famous sake from outside the prefecture. Wine, champagne, beer and shochu that also goes well with our food.
After your meal, we also have hard liquor available, as well as Fish bone sake, which has a deeper Hida flavor.
For those who don't like alcohol, we recommend Kaoricha (Flavored tea), our original blend of tea and wild herbs.


Seating Information ​​​​​​​

*per person, service and tax included
*Average time for this course is taken 2 hours.
*Number of the people required is 2 to 8 and the course is to be taken for the entire table.
*Please indicate of any dietary requirement when you make reservation.

For the party size 2 -3 will be guided to main dining bar. If you require a private room, please inform us at your reservation. There is limited availability, we may not able to allocate the private room.
Private small table for 2-5 situated upstairs
Private Japanese room for 4-8
Old style cottage for 4-8 this room will be used only for Irori course.