Hida takayama Sakana

About Us

Hida Takayama is known for its prominent abundance of nature, and there are plenty of fresh natural ingredients. "Hida beef," which can represent Japan as a form of beef, is famous. You can have your meal with the ingredients of the particular season made with the highest quality cooking method, including steak, sukiyaki, and shabushabu of the highest class Hida beef. Seafood such as sashimi are all fresh from the Japan Sea.


Special care is taken for space and performance so that you can enjoy your time and good food while feeling great. The special care includes the slide show of the four seasons of Hida using a large screen at the counter, meals to enjoy while gazing at the garden, and the food cooked over the hearth at the annex of an old-style Japanese house.

Special care towards the seasonal food ingredients.

The flavours of the ingredients are arranged to their maximum quality, and the combination of the ingredients with their compatibility taken in to consideration can also be enjoyed.


Tempra with Mountain Vegetables / Hotpot with Mountain Vegetables / Miso Soup with Mountain Vegetables /Rice Cooked with Mountain Vegetables / Wild Edible Plants Simmered in Sweetened Soy Sauce

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Green Soy Beans(Edamame) / Salt-broiled Young Sweetfish / Char Sashimi / Marinated Seafood/ Sake Flavored with Grilled Char / Summer Vegetables

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Mushroom Tempura / Charcoal-broiled Mushroom / Clear Soup with Mushrooms / Mushroom Stew / Mushroom Vinegared Dish /

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Hotpot with Wild-boar Meat / Wild-boar Meat Shabu-shabu / Sashimi Assortment / Snow Crab / Shredded Beef Simmered in Sweetened Soy Sauce /

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